Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The jury's out, but my choice is you~♪

Where do I begin....Well, I made a SASA order but it's just a bunch of my regular face cleansers and some Skinfood moisturizers because I'm on my last ones. Upon receiving it, I'll probably end up making a YouTube video of it since my channel needs to be updated. I also ended up buying a Doraemon case for my Nexus 4 after looking through eBay (such an awful thing to do). I was surprised to find that it was soft touch and rubberized. I bought it with expectations that it would be shiny and hard since the store said it was just plastic. The case also came from Shenzhen instead of the usual Hong Kong which I found interesting.

I just hope the picture doesn't start melting off after awhile because I go jogging with my phone and my hands get all sweaty. My phone now reminds me of the new iPhone 5c or those Nokia Lumia phones due to the black/blue contrast. On a random but still cellphone related note, I'm almost to the next level on my Nike+ app (sort of!). YEY! I haven't been bothering to sprint since it's getting colder and it just makes me lazier. I also feel so heavy if I wear too much, so it doesn't help. Most recently, however, I just wore compression shorts and a long sleeve tee with a hood thing that I think is meant to wear with snowboarding gear. Yay for mild weather. It seemed to do the job without feeling too constrained, so I'm happy. I've been considering just getting those cold weather leggings but they're like forty dollars. The weather isn't that cold yet, so I'm just putting it off. I'm still working to put money back into my bank account from not working in the summer. Oi~ but seeing my sweats soaked in ass sweat ain't nice either...heh.
141 more miles until I get to Blue Level. WoooOoooo~ I also have 300 miles on Runtastic but it doesn't really matter because I'm still fat... ; ______________ ;

So anyway, Lisa and I hung up out with a friend between us because she was jealous or something. The thing that sucks is that she sleeps, like, super early (like 11pm) and wakes up at 5:30am, so dinner started and ended really early (lol). Basically, got going immediately after work. We went to a Taiwanese place called "Why Thirsty" (Hahah...I know right?) and had this plate called "The Railroad" which was like a plate of homey tasting pork chops, veggies, and rice. The food wasn't OMG! delicious though. I remain a Class 302 stan. T ^ T.
Fast forward fourteen days later, and I'm now in Koreatown. Haven't been in the city in awhile so Lisa drove. I very much dislike driving in the city to the point where I avoid it at all costs (lol). There's a subway line to there for a reason. Initially, I was going to pitch that if she wanted to go to "Earthen", then we could go this week but she asked if I wanted to go to Koreatown because she was craving rice cake dumpling soup. I've never had it before, so why the hell not. We were supposed to go to "Earthen" instead of "Why Thirsty" previously, but our friend preferred somewhere closer to home since she wanted to still follow her schedule ~___~.

We went to this noodle place called Ma Dang Gook Soo (마당국수). I got the handmade noodle soup with anchovy broth (멸치칼국수). It was yummy but I was sad there was no meat in the bowl whatsoever, so I got a side order of dumplings (만두). Originally, Lisa wanted a side order of kimbap but they were out of it for the day. I noticed pears seem to a staple in Korean food. It seems to find its way into everything I've had thus far, yet Korean pears are foookin' expensive.
Afterwards, we were looking for a place to dessert at. Was going to go to "IOTA" (K-Town YouTube series location~ hayyy), but settled on "Loft Cafe". "Loft Cafe" just so happens to be really close to the Wilshire/Western Purple Line Station. It's on the other side of the Solair building (which is right above the subway entrance) and opposite the corner of CVS Pharmacy, in case anyone wants to go and doesn't want to drive. The cafe has reaaaaaally nice decor. We shared a slice of expensive cake and I got a vanilla latte. Honestly, I don't know if the coffee was good or not because I'm so use to drinking cheap instant coffee (lol). Uh, the froth was nice? It was good with the cake, but I wasn't that fond of the cake because it's not very soft? I like light cakes...yeah...and the coffee was, like, five bucks.
Just so you know, I had no problems falling asleep that night whatsoever. I basically drink coffee and milk teas as alternatives to soda and water. Caffeine essentially does nothing for me...T o T ~

I think that's all I had to say. Midterms are coming up already. I still need to gather sources for my twenty page senior paper as well as sources for my group paper on Mexican politics. Meh. I want to change my side photo to this, but blogger or my browsers won't go through with saving my HTML edits...O_o. Oh well, not like I get much traffic on this anyway.
Byeeeee~ Peter


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