Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Britney Jean.

Heeeeeeeeeey! No one. In an effort to write more, I'll be adding more opinionated stuff, I guess. I just finished the quarter so I have some extra time to fuck around. It'll probably end up being mostly on TV and music though.

So if y'all didn't know, I'm like a big Britney fan so I got Britney Jean the day after it was released. It's been a week since its debut and is supposedly speculated to hit #4 or 5 on the Billboard Top 200. Listened to it since the iTunes stream was available a week before official release. I think it's a solid album that's just as good as Femme Fatale, but yeah. Mama Brit hasn't really done any promotions with it besides going on some television shows to talk. If this was Femme Fatale, she would've been performing Hold it Against Me and Till the World Ends all lazily looking right now on several shows before going all MIA. Funny reading stans freak out about how it didn't beat One Direction because almost every album debuted #1 except for this and Blackout. No one can really be that successful for over such a long period of time. There's always the next artist in the spotlight. Either way, I like her to the point that I actually bought the album to support her.

I find it a bit ironic that people say how the album doesn't fit her because she co-wrote on most of the tracks. For Femme Fatale, she basically had no writing credits except for Scary which was a bonus track only found on the Japanese deluxe version, so she basically was handed a bunch of songs she liked and compiled that album instead. I can see where they're coming from since was the executive producer but at the same time, he knows what's hot. The only real gripe I have about him is that his songs aren't really deep? I mean, like, have you heard his songs like I Got it from My Mama? Fun and all, but yeah...they don't really speak on a personal level. It Should Be Easy is actually one of my favorite tracks though. It's the one I'm jamming to in the video LOL.

Initially, I was going to buy the deluxe version of it but as I went to the register, I looked at the tracklist and noticed that Hold On Tight was literally spelled Hold On Tite (JUST LIKE THAT PHOTO WHICH WAS SUPPOSED FAKE LOL!). I was like...I ain't havin' dis spelling nonsense (in my head) and got the regular one instead. It was about a five dollar difference. I'm content in the end since the bonus tracks weren't that great anyway. The only bonus track I really liked was Now That I Found You but I already have a copy on my computer, so yup!

Favorite tracks: Alien, Work Bitch!, It Should Be Easy, Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Passenger.
Ehhh~ tracks: Body Ache (goes up and down depending on my mood. Sometimes, I feel like it's so similar to Scream and Shout that I get sick of it), Perfume (liking it more because of the music video but not my favorite mellow, slow paced Britney song).
Tracks I always skip: Don't Cry (The song isn't bad. I'm just not really feeling it at this moment in time), Chillin' With You (It's just...weird...not my taste. Some country meets urban vibe-y stuff...eugh. ), Brightest Morning Star (cute song about her kids), Hold On Tight (song about God that I think would've been a better choice in place of Perfume, but it's also kind of a *yawn* song), Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) [is almost no different than the regular one].

Even though her body isn't comparable that of the In The Zone era, you can totally tell she lost more body fat since "X-Factor USA" . Her body here is better than during her Femme Fatale Tour. You can totally see it in her face too. Her neck is less...turtle'y too. She also looks so much more passionate than in 2011 and 2012. Too bad she doesn't perform like Janet Jackson did when she was 32 though.

Most recently, the Perfume music video. Apparently, the director's cut of it didn't make it as the final version. There's supposed to be more of a story. I know it has something to do with a gun and WHAT I THINK is that she finds out that she's the OTHER girl and not his main, and she kills him in the end or something? I don't know. I think a director's cut might end up on DVD or something eventually. Joseph Khan's been doing videos for her for over 10 years now (Stronger, Toxic, Womanizer, now Perfume), so it's not like they can just disregard him like that. Either way, I think the video is beautifully shot and just nice (which is what I felt about Katy Perry's Unconditionally music video, but that song speaks so much more for itself compared to this).


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