Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I am Britney Jean

Like, HOLY SMOKES! Y'ALL!! December 22nd aired a 2 hour special on Britney Spears and essentially the road to her Vegas show. I know the debut of Britney Jean was disappointing, being that it was another one of her albums to not debut at #1. This documentary, however, brings an understanding as to why there was a lack of promotion and performances. The work alone it took to get the "Work Bitch!" and "Perfume" music video done on top of being a mom, finishing the album, and perfecting the choreography to her set list was astronomical.

As a selfish fan with that tiny bit of hope she'd perform and promote the way she did during Britney and In the Zone, I didn't have that high of an expectation for her to really work THAT hard to make that great of a show in Vegas. Certainly, "Work Bitch!" was an eye opener but there wasn't enough dancing footage nor a dance version of the video to really show her dedication to being the Britney she once was. The whole Vegas deal happened in a matter of months, so everyone had to get on their grind. 

I was kind of surprised that she got a Los Angeles based designer for the stage costumes since she had some big name ones for her previous tours. Little did I know, he also made the outfits for the "Till the World Ends" music video. Just because the designer ain't from NY or Europe doesn't mean they a flop! pfft! He's actually done a lot of outfits for celebrities. I'd like a pair of his undies ; _____ ;

I regret not going to the Femme Fatale Tour since tickets ended up being half off, but I didn't miss out much. I'm so stoked to see fancams of this in the coming days. I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO GO SEE THIS, SO I'M GOING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. I SHALL!! AHH!! The experience seems so much better than what she's done in the past. It's in an actual theater opposed to a stadium. ALL THE SPECIAL EFFECTS AND PROPS!! -manic shaking-

Also, that bit with Jamie Lynn and her talking about her sister like that and her sons watching their mommy do her job. I just wanted to like...
Jamie Lynn spoke like she has an old soul and I'd like to believe that everything she says about her sister is true. How hard she works, how sweet she is, how she doesn't want to be a bitch to the people who work for her. Eugh ; ______ ;



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