Monday, December 23, 2013

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad ♪

I just had some green tea and a pineapple bun and I'm still dozing off. Damn my winter slumber tendencies. It is officially winter! My weaksauce cold tolerance is going to be plagued with dry skin, chapped lips, and unreasonable complaints (lol). I know Toronto is under a horrid ice storm, so it just makes me look even worse. I just happened to record a YouTube video on a nice 80 degree Fahrenheit day. I doubt there will be another one of those for awhile. Either way, my wardrobe mostly consists of tanks and shorts probably 70% of the time anyway. Just put on a cardigan or jacket over it and HUZZAH!!!

My acne is being really annoying. I'm not sure if it's the weather, stress, or hormones. It's probably a mix, but so annoying. I'm pretty sure the number of people who are my age and still have acne problems is really low. I don't care for the occasional whitehead or blackhead. It's the cystic acne that really bug me, ugh. The cystic pimples got pretty bad during week 10 and finals week. I'm such a stress ball. I worry about things that aren't even that big of a deal, and now I have the unnecessary scars on my face to remind me of them. Since I'm mentally like an old senior who has nothing better to do than to watch daytime talk shows, I learned from "The Doctors" that blood circulation correlates with healing, so I'm on the workout grind no matter how cold it is. *war cry*

I checked my quarter grades. I got a B+ in my senior writing class and a solid C in my Mexican politics class, ugh. My GPA is dying (lol). That professor doesn't give A's unless the person REAAAAALLY deserves it. She's nuts, and I have no choice but to take her class again next quarter because it's the last class I need in order to graduate. *cry* I don't care all that much about my GPA since I don't really plan to go to grad school but I'm not an A student, so that B average is pretty damn good to me (haha).

So anyway, my good friend Lisa came back from her week long vacation in Hawaii a couple weeks ago. I kept saying Maui (like, "what did you do in Maui?") but she stayed in Honolulu the whole time. My mind is so jumbled sometimes. I met up with her on Thursday. I said we should get something with hot broth since it was projected to rain that day. What I really wanted to do was go to "The Pie Hole", so we settled on a ramen place in Little Tokyo. We went to "Mr. Ramen", to be exact.

I got the #28 ramen combo which included 6 pieces of gyoza (dumplings) and Lisa got something from the vegetarian menu with some vegetarian gyoza. I chose shio ramen as my noodle of choice. The bowl is huge but I thought the amount given was adequate. I didn't exactly feel stuffed afterwards. Lisa, on the other hand, thought she should've gotten the smaller bowl because she gets full faster than I do. I can now say I've had all the east Asian variations of the dumpling now. I can't really say which one I like best since they all have a different taste to them. All of them are delicious, nonetheless.
The place is decorated with napkin art. I came to realize that the reason behind them is probably because of the time it takes for the restaurant to bring out your food. Being so use to quick service, the time it took for our food to come out felt forever, ESPECIALLY since we were hungry. Pretty cute and quirky though! I also opened the present she got me for Christmas (a gesture which I really dislike because I told her she didn't have to and I didn't get her anything). Can't believe she remembered my love for Patrick Star, especially since I don't watch it on TV anymore (don't have cable). Always nice to know that I have such a kind hearted and giving friend.
The wait to get the check took kind of long too, but it's understandable since there's only two people running around tending to everyone. I know how hard and tedious it is to do such a job, so I'm not annoyed at all. It was 9 o' clock already though, and "The Pie Hole" closes at 10. We made it in the end. While walking to the Arts District, Lisa was like "ohhh, that's where 'Umami Burger' is" and I was like "what? where? I don't see anything". That's because the restaurant didn't exactly have a name. It was just a logo. She went "it's the one that looks like a vagina" and I looked around again and went "OH! the lips HAHA". Yuhhhh~ you guys should Google it.

Well anyway, I've been craving "The Pie Hole" since the last time I went there. It was Lisa's first time and she got the Mexican chocolate pie with a Horchata latte while I got the maple custard with a regular latte. Oh my godddd! (That was my literal reaction after my first bite). If I ever get married, screw cake. I'd just have that fucking maple custard pie, man. IT'S THAT DAMN GOOD. THAT SLICE WAS TOO DAMN SMALL. Second to maple custard would be the early grey pie, for me. OH MY GOD!! but yeah, they're kind of hard to compare. It's you want something herbal'y tasting with a wad whipped frosting on top or a big slice of creme brulee?!
Other than that, nothing all that exciting has happened. The non-instagram photos were taken from my new micro four-thirds camera. I'm enjoying its capabilities very much. Currently on my break from both work and school, so I have lots of dead time for the next two weeks. I got some Christmas gifts from some kiddies in the form of gift cards. I really wish I'd stop getting ones to the Coffee Bean, but appreciate the generosity.
I'll be working on a video when I get up and it should be up before Christmas day. I bought these tanks that won't arrive for that video, so I'll just show them here in case anyone might want them and can shop for them on ASOS while they're still in stock. They were kind of pricey at 21 dollars each but I liked them so much to the point that I couldn't help but by them. T__________T.
How friggin' hot, right?! The tank can be found: HERE. There's also a white t-shirt version, but I didn't find it as nice looking as this one.
I'm basically obsessed over baroque prints (lol), but I have to really like them. I won't just buy anything because it's like "OMG, I have to hop on that trend!". This one can be found: HERE.

Yeppers~ Ugh, I'd like more pie...and Japanese food, thanks...


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