Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

I should have wrote about this sooner, but whatever. Been watching it since like 2005? I backtracked and only really remember the shows starting from 2002 because anything prior to that wasn't as entertaining to watch. As for the group of "Angels", my favorite would be the 2003-2005 girls. It was the most diverse looking, in my opinion.

Karolina is missing and I think that's it.
Is this NOT the whitest group of VS girls yet?
It was also a shame that Miranda wasn't in the show this year because she was in Tokyo or something. I really like her. Lily and Behati are so ehhhhhhh. I don't really see anything special about them. Behati has a cute personality but I don't think she's Angel worthy. On the other hand, I think Karlie is great. Karlie got a walkkkkk and that supermodel status, albeit being a bit too skinny for my liking.

As for the performers, I think last year's was one of the best. The "Phresh Out The Runway" performance was kind of random but I think it was filled with so much swag and sass that it didn't matter what the theme was. Other than that, the rest of the performances of 2012 fit with the sets well. This year, Fall Out Boy was my favorite of the night and their collaboration with Taylor Swift was freaking sweet and epic. The show basically proved Taylor's vocals has much improved since her Fearless days.

Candice carries herself so well. Her face reads "yeah...I'm soooooo fucking hot". Her waist kind of scares me but GAWD~ she's hot. I stan for Doutzen and Adriana for as long as they're a part of VS though. Their bodies are SO BANGIN'. I love how they're both so athletic. They're such an inspiration and they're also both moms!

I wish Taylor performed "Back To December" or something more fitting for the "Snowflake" theme, but I guess she wanted to keep up with the excitement of the crowd. Furthermore, you know she probably wants to display her vocal abilities to all them snob ass bitches watching backstage and at home. I thought that Neon Jungle performance was the most random thing to ever grace the show. The only other performer more D-list than that would probably be in 2008 with that one Spanish singer but that would be unfair to say because it was located in Miami and everything there is Cuban and Spanish'y. They could have at least used Fifth Harmony or something because that Pink set was emoji/internet themed. Fifth Harmony has fun songs that would've fit...~____~;;

As for the other models, I think Cara is cute but eehhhhhhh. She's definitely a less conventional looking white girl though, which is nice. Her walks was all IDGAF which I thought was ehhhhhhhh. I also thought He Sui is ehhhhhh (but I like her on China's Next Top Model) and wish Liu Wen was back. I liked them adding Ming Xi to the show due to the fact that Shupei and Liu Wen didn't show this year. Her walk is great and I think her face is much more appealing (+ she's like one of the freaking faces for Zac Posen right now).

My favorite section was probably "Parisian Nights" but I thought much of the sets this year seemed uninspired, like it's just their retail bras and undies on top of other stuff rather than more elaborate productions. BUT LOOK AT ADRIANA AND DOUTZEN. ERMAGAWD.

That's pretty much all I wanted to say.

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  1. Ah, I love the Victoria's Secret girls, especially Candice. She's my favourite. Shame that our Aussie girl Miranda wasn't in the show this year.