Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keep it movin' higher and higher.

Nothing all that interesting has happened since my last journal entry but since it's the new year, I feel compelled to write something. We don't really celebrate Christmas (if you watched my most recent YouTube videos) and only really celebrated it by having a cake. I told my mom that we should get the cake because it would have been a year since that whole fiasco with the shower tub and it having a serious clog in the drain. I said that we should celebrate that moment where we didn't shower for almost 3 days and it could've possibly went on for a week (lol).

I love my "ghetto" upbringing. It's like, BITCH? YOU THINK FINDING A SPIDER IN YOUR ROOM IS BAD? TRY KILLING WASPS AND CATCHING CRICKETS. AT LEAST SPIDERS ARE SLOW. I didn't take a picture of that cake though. All I can say is that it was delicious...*drool*

Checked my academic progress report online since I checked my grades last week. I will officially be done in March. Onward, to adulthood! *cries on ground*. I just need to pass these last two classes, get the paperwork filed and have the fees paid, so my diploma can arrive in the mail. I JUST checked the date and I'll bring the paperwork in around January 21 or so.
The weather has been great. Although it's the driest winter for Los Angeles ON RECORD, it's good for the outside runners. 70 degree Fahrenheit afternoons and nights that often don't go below 50 degrees. It's perfect! My face is still adjusting though...I think. Since the air is dry, I think the oil glands are like nuts and I keep getting a new pimple after one goes away, ugh. Whatever.
I'm using my new running shoes now. I'm really satisfied with them because I don't need to double sock anymore. I also don't feel like my feet are being strangled when my laces are tied tight. I had that problem with my previous Asics Speedstars (hence the double socking and slippage on one foot). The pad on the bottom feels sort of odd when you begin your run but the sensation goes away after the initial run. It's like the floor is uneven and then it just goes away o_O. New Balance! kudos! (better be. They were like almost 60 bucks [orig. $90], but it's a worthy investment.)
On a random note, my doraemon phone case cracked at the volume rocker part after three months which I'm a bit sad about. Went on eBay and found some new ones that I'm waiting for in the mail. They'll hopefully arrive by Saturday. I think they're being shipped from Florida, so it shouldn't be a problem considering weather and whatnot. I have an older case but I don't like the thickness of it. The doraemon was pretty slick and thin which I really liked. The other one kind of wrapped around it more than I'd like. It would also get in the way of my auxiliary cord when I need to use it, so I now await these~
Pretty adorable, ya? I got both of em for $12'ish bucks total. Perk of having a dated phone...hahah. Who cares about the camera on it anymore. I have NFC/WiFi sharing on my NEX-5 to send photos to my phone wirelessly. Photos taken via smartphone remote also save a copy on the phone. Technology!
Nothing much has happened for the rest of my winter vacation. After watching that I Am Britney Jean documentary, an old elementary school friend and I were willing to go watch the show together. It took a lot of discussion (eg. weekday or weekend show, how many nights did you want to stay, what months or days have the best hotel rates, etc.). We settled for August 16th which is 8 months away. Cool thing about it is that we have seats 14 and 15 and we'll be watching the show on the 16th. Numbers!
So here's the seating map. My friend and I will basically be around center left. Tickets were pretty pricey at $114 but I don't mind all that much since much of it helps other people and their jobs. I just hope Britney will loosen up and not look so half assed as she does right now. I would rather see the show with Britney in a ponytail and sweats because rehearsal-ney has more energy than stage-ney. T o T~ A different friend of mine said the price is not bad at all because that amount for Celine tickets gets pretty shitty seats O___O. I also just so happened to also be staying in Planet Hollywood (my friend did the hotel booking while I got the tickets). Hoping to have a tight stomach by then. I GOT TO LOOK FLAMING HOT FOR THE POOL! GODDAMMIT!!

As far as body goals, I have a hard time seeing differences in photos. I can't be the only one who flexes their stomach and then sometimes don't, meaning you end up tricking yourself and feeling like you're going no where. Maybe when I hit my 1000th mile on Nike+, I'll really notice something. If you look at it by numbers, my weight hasn't changed. I think I might have gained five pounds if you could my weight from the beginning of 2013. I do feel and see notable differences in my arms, legs, and chest though. Of course, losing the belly fat will be the most tedious, but I'm up for it. I'm 180 pounds (I'm sure at least 20 of those pounds are from fat), 5 feet 6.5, waist 32...T____T
I log about 100 miles a month, so two and half more months to go. That just so happens to coincide with my birthday probably. Note that although I log 100 miles a month, I really actually run 70 miles and the rest is walking. I have walked a mile and then ran 6 miles straight before but I didn't really like it. I also don't see much of a duration nor calorie burn difference between my usual walk 1 mile, run 2, walk 1, run 3 versus walk 1, run 6 either. Might as well do the interval one that I enjoy more. I need breathers. I'm such an old fart. The long jog just meant slower mile times as I kept running. It'd be like... 17 min walk, 10 min mile, 10.5 min mile, 11 min, 11.5, 12 min...and then bam! 1 hour and 30 minutes passed...
Is there even a difference? These are the only pictures I have where there are actually some consistency in lighting and angling (sort of) with no photo filters.  DAMN MY LOVE FOR FOOD (and pasty pale skin)! I think I got a little tighter but you still can't really make out my abs. I still have a lot of stomach and waist fat to burn off. I'm sure if I dieted, it'd burn off so much faster but I don't want to be those people who just diet for a body I'll only have for a short period of time. I know for sure my manboobs are getting more shapely and my arms are getting more toned because I can see more prominent veins running across my chest and biceps than before, but I still have a long way to go.
This was also December 31st, 2013 but during the day (above was taken after midnight). I tried to make the bathroom as well lit as possible so that I wouldn't be "playing shadows". I really regret not joining a sport or something in high school (WITH the eczema and all) and working up from there. Dance was great, but it never gave me abs or anything. Dudes with hot bodies I see on Instagram and Tumblr all seemed to have started just being both lean and skinny and just building up. Me, on the other hand, built up along side getting fat. Certainly, I gained a lot of mass but this fat burning ordeal IS A BITCH. WHY DIDN'T I JUST FESS UP AND INCORPORATE CARDIO EARLY ON! I remember reading once in the fitness section of Soompi from one of the more knowledgeable fitness buffs that once you get rid of the stubborn fat, it's relatively easy to maintain, so I just got to keep it up.
I can't imagine falling back and going back to my old self (LOOK ABOVE!). That was 2009 me, and I use to think that was not bad -__-;;
And then the even skinnier, 2007~2008 me, eugh... look at my arm! I want to recreate this photo but it's hard being that we all work during the day. My friend in the picture lives in Hong Kong now, and my only other friend and I meet up at night on a once almost every other week basis. I'm SO social.

Now I be like...
HAHA...(with filters and lighting)
Hopefully during my journey to get that damn flat stomach, my face will result in looking less cheeky. I'd like them cheekbones and a more defined jaw, thanks. T_T...I'd also like to look like my hunk-spiration before I'm 30 (which is kind of sad because he's actually younger than I am). He's a bit much, but anything in the vicinity of that would be great.
But anyway, with the new year, I hope to better improve my YouTube channel and use Google+ more since they are now integrated. That way, I would be more inclined to reply to comments more. I would also love for it to become an additional form of income so I can travel more and possibly be presented with opportunities in the new media sector. Furthermore, I would like a hot male friend (or several) to be my buddy in my videos (amongst other things), but I'm far too antisocial, awkward, and screwed up to even know where to begin. I mean, I'm the opposite of cool. I don't party. I don't club. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't like nature. I eat slow. I take forever to get ready. I have some sweating issue. I live vicariously through my television shows and movies. I have an unhealthy obsession with clothes and dressing up, but I don't really go out all that much. Oi~ Thankfully, Lisa is still around to do adult stuff with me. Otherwise, all I got would be the kids at work... OTL

Post grad, I'm hoping some website, publication, or tech company could use me. I'm not exactly sure what I could offer, but I'll be building my YouTube channel, blog, and social networks in the meantime. I'm hoping to have a puppy by March and then just keep working at my part time job while training it until the school year is over. Seems like the only logical thing to do so I wouldn't burden my bosses in finding a replacement for me right away while I figure out the next step in my life besides getting a dog and working out even harder. Is anyone in need of a food loving fitness nut, fashion/style/tech geek, that's also a politics and comic nerd, who can speak not only English, but crappy Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and SUPPPPER limited Japanese too? You can also throw in some shit Spanish because I'm born and raised in SoCal, baby! ;P

I'm thinking about beginning to keep in contact with Samoyed breeders immediately. Not sure when's the right time. I don't want to end up wait listed but I also don't want to end up with a puppy to care for during the middle of the school quarter, ugh.  

Not sure how to end this, but here is a cool picture of the Los Angeles City Hall. The city held its first ever New Year's Eve event which I didn't attend but knew about. I was really fascinated about the 3D projection being used here because I only ever saw it in videos. Pretty damn neat, right? Here's a photo I found off Instagram: (videos can be found by searching #NYELA too)
There were food trucks, free photo booth, beer garden, music, and it was free to attend. Ah~ maybe this new year's eve...............................................................................................with a hot guy and my dog.


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