Thursday, March 5, 2015

PETER, Get Your Shit Together!!

Hmm...that photo diary thing is flopping before it even began. Well anyway, I turned 26 two weeks ago. I don't really feel any different besides the fact that I take pretty long naps after work. Almost always, I get about 5.5~6 hours of sleep but it obviously doesn't suffice. Taking into account those naps, I would then get 7~8 hours but I'm not sure if those really count. I do literally knock out though.

Not too long ago, I went to get my taxes done along with my mom. Our accountant dude has really good talking skills. I don't know. He's really easy to talk to and really knows how to strike a conversation. It's pretty astounding but then I don't know, maybe it's because we're in that same age bracket and come from similar backgrounds. When he asked how it was going, I was like "good" and it just hit me that I sort of lived that episode of "30 Rock" where Liz Lemon lives the same events every year and her accountant would hear the same thing every year. I was like "nothing's changed. I still work at the same place" and then he asked if I had health insurance since the fines go into effect this year. He then followed up with some refund information and we just talked about television shows until my mom left with another accountant and I was like "you can go eat your lunch now". In between all that, I was like "hopefully next year, this [W-2] will be different and I'll be working full time somewhere else". Now I really have to brace myself for rejection and change................................or I'll be rejected so badly that nothing will change...............who knows.

What doesn't help is that I found out my coworker has been getting interviews in the fashion marketing sector and I'm kind of jealous at that fact? Plus, I don't exactly know what merits she has to gain those opportunities aside from the fact that she's pretty and stylish, but not one of those hugely connected social media types. This is totally one of those slap in the face moments reminding me to really wake up and start rewriting my resume.

On the bright side, I (finally) bought myself a new phone. Been checking the front page of Slickdeals for months and getting low key frustrated that all the nicely discounted high-end phones would either be Verizon or ATT phones. My limit is $400 and the phone I got was $370 total which was great. I thought I would end up with a LG G2 but I scored a G3. Too bad I ended up dropping my phone on the sidewalk 8 days after I started using my phone...I'M NEVER GOING TO TRY TO RUN WITH MY DOG, NEVER EVER AGAIN (lol). I never learn. I dropped my previous phone before, while trying to run with him too. I wasn't too hurt when I found how scratched up it was. I might end up replacing it later on with another one in the coming years. I really like the self camera on it. It's pretty good under low light and I love how it has that instant airbrush thing. I don't set it so fake that the photo looks fogged up but it's SO GREAT!! I also love how I can just say CHEESE or use hand gestures to take the photo because it helps prevent you from dropping the phone (or cramping your thumb).
In other news, I was randomly window shopping on Forever 21's website and stumbled upon those Mina Kwon x Spongebob tees and bought two of them. They are so cute and only $12.90. I couldn't help myself. If you follow me on Instagram, you would've noticed me try one of them on because I also ordered a pair of joggers, because the rest of my sweats having holes in them and I need sweats for non-cardio days.
Lastly, it's been a little over a month since I joined a gym and I noticed some small gains but not much you can really see in pictures. I also have the most disgusting tank top tan, so it's really hard to get a clear picture of how I look. Nevertheless, I did take pictures.
Man, that first picture is awful. LOOK HOW DARK I (PARTIALLY) AM COMPARED TO THE REST OF MYSELF. Darn having to walk my dog during the noon hour. Funny thing is that I'm even more pale than that beyond the waistband.

Most notable gains are in the chest. I don't have a friend to spot for bench presses (and the bench is always occupied anyway), so I don't really know how much I can press at that. Instead, I use the hammer strength chairs for those. I'm not sure how close they get to doing the actual presses but on the isolated bench, I can do 140 pound presses for one set before I start losing it. I can do incline and decline presses (on the chair) a bit more at 160. Shrugs and pull-downs I do 140 more often than I do 160 and yeah, that's pretty much my usual target amount of weight to use when it comes to using actual plates. I'm so much weaker on machines. For example, I can pretty much only go 60 pounds for seated chest fly right now and bicep curls being 70...maybe 80 on a good day. Hopefully, I'll have better gains in month 2 and 3. If not, then you know I love food too much.

Well anyway, that is all. Here are some other pictures from my Instagram I'd like to share. Better publish this before I put it off for another 3+ days.
I'll be updating my YouTube channel very soon and I'm going to try to take more OOTD photos again. I also need to be more active on Soompi because I haven't really done anything on it since getting my dog. Oi~ so much to do, so little time.


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