Monday, September 7, 2015


As with many, I got the free update to Windows 10. I didn't know if it was a good idea or not. My curiosity basically got the best of me. I think I wouldn't be as annoyed if my main hard drive wasn't over 2TB, but it is. When I installed Windows 7 on it a couple years ago, I couldn't figure out how to make the Windows recognize it as one huge disk, so it was split into 2...a C drive and a D drive. After doing the update, my D drive disappeared and all my music was in it, so I ended up just doing a clean reformat. After some researching, I figured out that you have to boot your Windows disk in UEFI mode EVEN if my motherboard says it's compatible (or something like that). I thought it'd be an automatic thing because my motherboard seemed new ENOUGH.

Well anyway, here is my hard drive now! I lost all my music and the last time I backed it up was in October of 2014 to my laptop. A bulk of the songs between then and now is in my phone but, as a result,  I have a bunch of duplicate songs in my iTunes because I'm too lazy to delete out the songs that were originally in an album folder T-T...

Notice how my C drive is 3.6TB now (and not 1.99TB + 1.7TB)...and all my old files are shoved into my old hard drives. And yet, I still forgot to backup my browser bookmarks and the music I use in my YouTube videos...meh.

Windows 10 is like a mixture of Windows 7 and 8, but more like 7. I hated the whole mobile looking aspect of 8. Windows 10 has the minimalist trend that is still going strong, seeing how Google has gone that direction too...
I don't know where else I'm going with this. I basically spent a whole day putting back and updating all the software that I need back on my computer. It was a pain in the butt. I use to think a 23" monitor was too big but now, I kind of want an even bigger That won't happen until this monitor dies though.


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