Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of Another Book

Hello Blog!

I guess I should get an entry in before midnight strikes. The year was kind of a shitty one, personally. It started off with ambition and a leap into the unknown but it has come to end with me going back to my old job (which begins next week). I was just getting the hang of being more in touch with my blog and YouTube channel again but I really got to make more than a measly dollar or so, per month.

I spent almost half my year figuring out how to get to where I want to be and then thinking about other paths to pursue. Being a video editor/content creator went pretty much no where and I kind of partially believe it is because I'm not a blonde white girl. E-mailed a ton of resumes and been ignored most of the time. Got formally rejected from Hulu, Nickelodeon, and some hip looking marketing place. Three or four rejections out of at least thirty emails. Started to feel depressed and hopeless. Stumbled upon the possibility of working as a Diplomat while discussing jobs with a follower, and have been studying on and off since. Let's hope I pass my test, am well received in my interview, and sent to Washington DC to begin my training to become one. It'd give me an opportunity to travel, which I've barely ever done so far in my life. I can totally write and make videos about my personal experience, while growing as a person and adult in the world too. Furthermore, I'd be taught more skills and given classes to learn more languages/improve on the ones I already know. When I thought that all the classes I took in college was just useless stuff to get a degree, it might just serve some use. I'm hoping for the best! TT-TT

In other news, I finally hit 100,000 views on YouTube, which is kind of pitiful being that I've been uploading videos since late 2011. My subscriber numbers are even more pitiful but it could be worse. I've been testing to see what kind of direction I should be going and whatnot. I seriously think that as long as I'm topless in the thumbnail, that my view count would generally be higher than any other video I upload. Personally, I don't mind that at all because I've been working so hard on my body for the past year and I'm proud of my body, but I have no reason to be half naked all of the time + it's winter and I'm freeeeeeezing!

Above is my first ever gym picture, in the coming weeks, I'm going to try and wear the same exact outfit and stand in the same exact spot to see how much I've changed (lol). Picture quality is so bad though. Photo quality of my G3 seems years ahead of what the Nexus 4 took. I'm planning to get a G4 when the price drops into the $300 dollar range. Ideally, I'd want the V10 but it's still LG's newest flagship... ' ____ '. I would totally hop on the Nexus 6P BUT it doesn't have Optical Image Stabilization, so G4 is what my eyes are on. It has a greeeeeeeaaaat camera + I love my G3.

On a similar note, my mom wanted to start using a smartphone this year. I made my brother give her my Galaxy Nexus since he only uses it to listen to music in the shower, and I feel like I'm wasting money because she barely uses it and then complains when she can't do what she wants it to. I literally took a picture of an old white lady using her iPhone during jury duty to show my mom and she was so offended and ranted about how she didn't go to school and it took me a while to think back about how she was arguing. So are you saying that you need to go to school to learn how to use a smartphone??? I hate it when people bring up the stupidest things thinking that it's a valid reason. This is currently my text thread with my mom:
No more big bags of bread *tear*.
Notice how it's all just me talking. She started to realize that the blinking LED means that there's a notification and how to check them out, but she never replies. She'd come home and be like "I saw your message". It's, thanks could've told me that 3 hours ago. I feel more inclined to text my mom in Chinese but it's also hard because I don't know proper words for some things (ex: dog food^). I also have to think in Mandarin because I don't know how Cantonese people type and it's not always so easy to go between the two (like you can say one thing in Cantonese but it doesn't directly translate over to Mandarin). Either way, it's good to exhaust my brain, I guess.

Christmas was last week, but I decided to buy myself some clothes to treat myself. I'll make a video about this because I want to update my channel as often as possible. However, I'm leaving these here for reference purposes and in case anyone wants to buy the same things (although no one really reads my blog anyway).

A couple weeks ago, I saw this button up on Topman and I really wanted it because it was a knock off of Burberry from a while back. I was hoping that the price would be further reduced as new year was coming around but the price didn't budge, so I decided to get it before it went out of stock. It was $25 and there were no working 10% off codes  + I don't have a UK student ID number *cries*. I did use ebates though! Don't forget ebates!
 ASOS (also ebates!). I'm kind of annoyed that I have to buy above $40 to get free shipping but I'm pretty happy with my choices. If this wasn't the case, I don't think I would have gone through with this purchase.
I pretty much liked this because the ombre to pink wasn't an obnoxious tone of pink + fitted white t-shirts are always nice :T
Continuing with that white tee thing, I thought this has an edgy and little bad ass vibe to it + another star shirt to add to my closet. Woo~!
Lastly, I do love the look of the shirt but what sold me was the "band" between the white part and the printed part. I loved that trend going on for girls when it came to sports bras and crop tops but it never caught on for guys since we don't have crop tops to buy and our bands come in the form of underwear.

I also bought some stuff from Amazon but those are basically essentials for me and my dog that I'll do a ridiculous video on because I literally see people on YouTube be like HAY GAIZ! THIS IS MY SUPERMARKET HAUL. CHECK OUT MY GROCERIES!! why not join the crazy train!

I think that's all I had to say.
Last entry of 2015!


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