Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sick (again...)

Soooo, I said I'd update this more. What a lie. I have no excuses, really. It's just a whim whenever I get on this. I had a cold around Christmas time and I thought I'd be done with it, but now I'm back to being all phlegm-y and booger-y. It's so hard to sleep when your boogers clog your nose because your head isn't exactly in the best position to clear your sinuses. I guess this post will mostly be health related.

Health insurance deadline is on the 15th of this month and I kind of have anxiety when it comes to calling unfamiliar numbers, so I've been putting it off. I'll probably gather the courage to get around trying to retrieve my password to the Covered California website this week. The online chat thing was so useless. The family needs to get their taxes done early anyway, so I need to be able to log in to the website to retrieve the tax forms which I don't even know if I'm exempt from because I was offered government issued health insurance but THEY messed up my address and I basically waited 6 months for forms and then I was informed by MediCAL that I, MYSELF, would have to call back to fix THEIR mistake. It's not like I wrote my address wrong on that website because my dad got his mail and stuff just fine, ugh. My brother doesn't even have income, so does he get fined too? or will my parents get fined for not fully insuring him? Ah, being the child to immigrant parents who can't speak English is so stressful.

Furthermore, I recently was so conflicted on joining a gym and whether I should get my mom to help me or just fess up, be an adult, and pay more for the membership. I also had to decide between two gyms and come down to which one would be more logical. I narrowed it down between UFC Gym and 24 Hour Fitness which both are open 24 hours, but one was much further from home. I ended up choosing 24 without the Costco deal. My mom hasn't been working a whole lot recently, so it's only right that I'd just do everything myself...even though I'm paying about $15'ish dollars more per month, if I had gone through with the Costco deal. I would've had to give her a large sum of cash, only to have like 60% of it be spent on me. Oh, the price I pay to take the high road. I forgot to mention that I was very dead set on getting a membership at that time because the first month would be free, so that would basically cut the initiation fee in half. If I were to join UFC, the same initiation fee would've been much three times higher, according to some reviews I read. I wasn't planning on joining a gym until my dog turned one but since he's slowly maturing, I could find time to squeeze in an hour and a half or so to go to the gym without worrying that he'll go nuts at home. I can also put him in his crate around one in the morning and he can pretty much be asleep in it until my usual wake up time of around ten in the morning but I only get around six hours of sleep before my biological clock wakes me, ugh.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

And Another Year Passes.

Contrary to no one because no one reads this blog, I did not leave it for dead. There's just not enough time in the day for me to do everything I want, so this isn't at the top of my priorities. I do, however, feel compelled to write right now since it is the new year, and I've been reflecting on how I've developed in this way for the past couple of years.
July 8th, 2014. Second day home.
July 27, 2014.
In the beginning of the year, I was basically just glad to finally be finishing up undergrad (years later than many). I graduated in March and I got my diploma in the mail a couple months later. I turned 25 and really wanted a dog as the next addition in my life. I don't really have friends nor a social life, so I thought that a dog would be the next best thing. Originally, I was set on getting a Samoyed but the likelihood of me getting one was rather slim, due to the fact that there were only about 3 breeders I found in the area and my window to raise a dog responsibly was only open for so long. I didn't want to wait a year or more to get a Samoyed because I pictured myself already moved on with an actual career focused job in that time frame. Little did I know, a walk to the park would guilt me into getting a Labrador Retriever and raising one was not what I imagined. First off, I knew I would be getting a very active dog but I wasn't expecting a HYPERACTIVE dog. Then, I didn't know that there were two distinct types of Labrador Retrievers and that the OTHER type was EVEN MORE active because it was bred for sport opposed to show. I later found out that I have the show type, thankfully. This distinction didn't change the fact that I had a pretty wild puppy that worried me for a good month or so because I couldn't exactly walk him. All the leash training techniques didn't work all that well, so I eventually got a prong collar because the puppy playtime dog trainer recommended it to me. I didn't think my dog would be one to need it but I was getting desperate. He was getting bigger and his urge to chew is still on and off. I couldn't just wait until he was done teething to try other types of leashes like the "gentle leader" because he squirms SO much when I put harnesses on him. That prong collar was probably the best thing I ever bought for him and I can take it on and off so fast. I know there are articles that say how it just creates anxiety because the dog fears and anticipates the pain but if used properly, the dog knows how to not hurt himself and the prong collar remains fitted, but loose. It now only really reminds him not to pull and that he shouldn't be off sniffing something he shouldn't and to continue walking. Triton only really kind of gets the teeth gripped into his neck when he gets REALLY excited, like when I take him to play with other dogs or when I have strangers greet him. He would then sometimes charge or jump, which is a no-no, and then yelps. It still doesn't make him weary of strangers whatsoever. He still walks up to them to greet them, but he still thinks he's small or something and climbs on them (and me, sometimes). The collar has made walking him SO MUCH more enjoyable that even my brother has taken a liking to walking him (and he really needs it because my brother is like really overweight). My dog is pretty well leashed trained these days and will only get better from here on out. I can walk him past strangers without him randomly dashing towards them and he can ignore other dogs on our walks. He gets freaked out easily and is afraid of the dark sometimes but he's also gotten a BIT calmer, so he's in the house more than he use to. We better communicate with each other now too, so he doesn't have nightmares (there was a time where I'd get so mad at him that I'd yell and really show my disapproval in him which would lead to him randomly waking up and yelping). Now, I just need him to be a calm and mature dog that would let other puppies paw his face while he just lays on the ground, but that won't be for another half a year or so. I don't know. I read some dogs display puppy behavior until they're 2 but I met an American Labrador when Triton was only 4 months and Triton was crazy play bowing and pawing the one year old American Lab. The Lab just stood there and didn't even flinch. Not sure if it's the owner's endless dedication into training him or what, but I want that in my dog. Apparently, that dog had a crazy jumping problem too.