Saturday, March 22, 2014

Doggie Dreams.

Boo! I'm back. So anyway, I'll type a bunch to reflect on my absence but one of the things that is most prominent and possibly turning into a reality, sooner rather than later, is getting a dog. Unlike some, I don't really come from a pet family. My parents work too much to raise anyone else besides my brother and me. We raised a feral cat as a kid but it became too much of a burden, so it was put down. We also had a fish tank but my parents ended up shattering it because they are horrible at moving furniture. We're sooooo responsible, right? My dad also doesn't help either because he's really apathetic towards everything so my mom has twice the responsibilities and pretty much fills both roles. She's the one who pays the bills and cooks. All my dad ever does is sleep, drink, and work. The most he ever does is take the cars to get some maintenance done. My dad also can't cook and doesn't really, so whenever he does eat, it's whatever is left over in the fridge. A dog couldn't possibly fit into the picture. Both my brother and dad are slobs. Momma is swamped with twice the workload, and I still had to finish school.

I won't be springing this to my mom since I already told her last year that I'm planning on getting a dog, whether she likes it or not. She'll be at fault if she doesn't actually REMEMBER. My brother nor dad don't give a fuck about anything, so I don't even talk to them. My mom would say crap like "you have to train costs money and time...BLAH BLAH BLAH" with all the doubt in the world that I don't seem responsible enough to care for an animal. You would think that I have some merit because I have been working with children for the past five years and I am financially responsible, and even contribute a portion of the money I make to my mom. This doesn't mean that I don't have money in savings either. Of course, I've appealed with these reasons but you know there's probably some other reason why she doesn't want one. I actually chose a breed with allergies in mind, so I'm at least thoughtful.
Most recently, I went to look on the American Kennel Club website for fun (during one of my many "study breaks") since all the breeders I have bookmarked either did not have a litter available or didn't respond, and I actually got a result that came from California. And not only was it in California, but it was in the San Diego County opposed to somewhere up north, so it'd be a two hour drive compared to a drive upwards of six to eight hours. I was in preparation for finals, so I decided to email the breeder after I had finished my exams. I actually went through with writing an email that night and, to my surprise, got a response the next day. The breeder basically said that she actually isn't sure if she has puppies available because person she's breeding her dogs with might be taking some (or that's how I interpreted it). I knew that she would still have the puppies at hand since the litter was born on the 13th of February (we'd have the same birthday week) and the babies still need to remain at home for seven to eight weeks, but I wasn't expecting some other party to be involved with the person. Some of the terms she used had me a bit confused but it was essentially a 50/50 chance of her having a puppy for me and the price of one would be $1800. She followed up with some questions on my location, the living arrangements of the dog, and why I had this breed in mind.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Keep it movin' higher and higher.

Nothing all that interesting has happened since my last journal entry but since it's the new year, I feel compelled to write something. We don't really celebrate Christmas (if you watched my most recent YouTube videos) and only really celebrated it by having a cake. I told my mom that we should get the cake because it would have been a year since that whole fiasco with the shower tub and it having a serious clog in the drain. I said that we should celebrate that moment where we didn't shower for almost 3 days and it could've possibly went on for a week (lol).
I love my "ghetto" upbringing. It's like, BITCH? YOU THINK FINDING A SPIDER IN YOUR ROOM IS BAD? TRY KILLING WASPS AND CATCHING CRICKETS. AT LEAST SPIDERS ARE SLOW. I didn't take a picture of that cake though. All I can say is that it was delicious...*drool*

Checked my academic progress report online since I checked my grades last week. I will officially be done in March. Onward, to adulthood! *cries on ground*. I just need to pass these last two classes, get the paperwork filed and have the fees paid, so my diploma can arrive in the mail. I JUST checked the date and I'll bring the paperwork in around January 21 or so.
The weather has been great. Although it's the driest winter for Los Angeles ON RECORD, it's good for the outside runners. 70 degree Fahrenheit afternoons and nights that often don't go below 50 degrees. It's perfect! My face is still adjusting though...I think. Since the air is dry, I think the oil glands are like nuts and I keep getting a new pimple after one goes away, ugh. Whatever.